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I do not live in Dothan, Alabama but if you live near Dothan or are in Dothan and need tires then the only place you should visit for tire care is Scott Stevens Tire and Service. I will forever be greatful for such wonderful people who work at Scott Stevens Tire and Auto. I was traveling trying to get to Dothan. Before getting off the interstate onto 231 I got a vibration in my car and when I got around the Cottondale, FL area my front drivers side tire blew out. Roadside service came and changed it with my donut but refused to completely air it up despite having an air compressor on their truck and they said go 2 miles to the tire store. Before I could get about a quarter mile up the road the donut started separating and the back passenger tire completely separated and was coming off. So again I call roadside assistance for a tow. In the meantime I called everyone in and around the Cottondale area, the Marianna area, and Dothan, Alabama. The only place that had tires to fit my Camaro was Scott Stevens Tire and Auto. So, 3-1/2 hours later the tow truck FINALLY showed up. I called Scott Stevens Tire whom knew my situation by then and explained the tow truck was finally on its way which meant I would get there after they closed and I asked if there was any way possible they could please wait on me (otherwise I would be sleeping in my car on the side of the road, SO NOT SAFE). They were very understanding, helpful, and knowledgeable. They agreed to wait for me which I thought was great and spoke volumes for their company. When we finally got there (right after closing time) they had all hands on deck to get my Camaro's tires changed and get me back on the road. I don't think it took them 15 minutes and they did such a great job, they talked to me and were so friendly while I was in the office. GREAT PEOPLE, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!! I never in a million years imagined I could find a company that was so understanding and that would go to great links to ensure I got my car fixed so I could get checked into a motel and be safe. Once again, that alone speaks VOLUMES to me and just shows there are still some great people in the world and they more than met my expectations...
Recommended? Yes |  by ( Pensacola, Florida), April 26, 2015